The classroom attempts to provide a space where learning can take place uninterrupted by outside distractions. Well-furnished air-conditioned spacious classrooms and lecture halls gives the future managers and technocrats a focused arena to develop their personalities. The latest audio-visual aids and multimedia technology enables the faculty members to have interactive sessions of teaching, which adds confidence and enthusiasm among our students.
The classrooms of the institute do not just create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning but in a sense nurture the quest for knowledge that the students possess for a specific goal they set for themselves. The original classrooms have seating capacity of 60 students.
All classrooms are air conditioned and well equipped with all multimedia teaching aids like LCD and O/H projectors. Audio visual aids such as television and video players are regularly used.
The need and importance of Internet in the field of education is supported by 24/7 high speed Internet connectivity. Thus, they can improve/enhance their knowledge as well as extract unlimited e-Information. The students are also being provided Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi) using which the students can access online information anywhere in and around the campus using their Laptops. Also, students get many facilities of e-mail, net surfing, and up/down loading of web-based applications and help them in preparing projects and seminar presentations. The coverage of Wi-Fi is not restricted to classrooms only but also extends to common areas like Auditorium, Library, Cafeteria, Guest House, Sports Complex and Hostels. Spacious e-classrooms with excellent ambience and modern teaching aids like smart boards; LCD, multi media projectors, etc. are made available to the students. E-classrooms also act as a medium for conducting seminars, technical quizzes and paper presentation contests.