Herbal Garden

herbal garden 1

A dedicated herbal garden is available at institute with a permanent setup. This garden serves as an educational display of medicinal plants herbs and spices used in various ailments. The garden is spread over approximately 900 sq. m of land. A total number of 500 plants (150 species) are maintained in the garden keeping in the view of the university syllabus. Most of the species are of medicinal importance and included in the ayurvedic formulary and Indian herbal pharmacopoeia. Provision for aquatic plants is maintained exclusively in the garden. Provision of plants under the shade is available in the garden. The herbal garden is properly demarcated through boundary net from nearby by spaces. Some of the plants are tropical species growing wild in different parts of India and are planted for demonstration purpose. The space for processing and storage of crude drug is also available adjacent to the herbal garden. Students usually collects sample from the herbal garden for the pharmacognostical studies which give them a real time experience and learning.