Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the practical aspects of manufacturing, formulation and evaluation of various pharmaceutical dosage forms. The subject also helps the students to acquire knowledge and skill to apply quality assurance principles, including legal and ethical aspects involving drugs, delivering a quality assured product as per the pharmacopoeial, WHO and ISO standards. The pharmaceutics department has a Pharmaceutics Laboratory I (Dispensing and Formulation Labs), Pharmaceutics Laboratory II (Unit Operation Lab), Pharmaceutics Laboratory III (Micro biology Lab).

Pharmaceutics Laboratory-I

This well furnished laboratory caters to the practical requirements of the various subjects like dosage form design, physical pharmacy, dispensing pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering and unit operations. The facilities available in this lab ensure the complete knowledge of manufacturing of different formulation. This lab also aid in training the students to teach about the dispensing of the drugs in a hospital by a pharmacist and about community pharmacy practice.

Pharmaceutics laboratory-II

In this laboratory experiments and research work carried out on formulation of different dosage forms, technology based experiments as well as Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS). It deals with the study of oral, parenteral, dermal, transdermal and mucosal dosage forms; it also focuses on the preparation and evaluation of cosmetics. It also covers basic topics like development of new drugs, preformulation, along with principles of formulation design.

Pharmaceutics Laboratory-III (Microbiology)

This laboratory is built with an insight into the biotechnology industry with instruments like B.O.D. incubator, aseptic room with laminar air flow cabinet and U.V. cabinet, deep freezer, digital oven, incubators, bacterial colony counter and autoclaves and well designed aseptic area as per standard guidelines. It will help students familiarize with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), design, development and maintenance of aseptic areas, procedure for sterility testing, experiments in biotechnology, growth, cultivation, isolation and identification of microorganisms and microbiological assays.

Pharmacy Research Lab

The college has dedicated lab for carrying out innovative research activities pertaining to the industrial or agency sponsored projects. This lab is equipped with rapid mixer granulator, fluidized bed processor, spheronizer, centrifuge, hot air ovens, homogenizers water bath, magnetic stirrers, hot plates stability chamber, capsule filing machines and 6 station digital dissolution test apparatus. The equipment/machinery available in the laboratory are appropriate for conducting novel drug delivery based work including solid dispersions, spherical agglomeration, hydrotropes, micronization, microencapsulation’s for solubility enhancement and oral bioavailability enhancement using polymer and lipid based approaches, transdermal drug delivery systems for topical and systemic delivery, targeted nanoparticles, targeted microsphere, transmucosal drug delivery.